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Har waqt thaame apka haath, hum hai aapke saath

Blood banks were introduced to stand with people when humans needed blood the most. In blood banks, people are always kept out of sight from the information of whose blood is being fed in their body. If the sources are never revealed, how can we assure ourselves that the blood refiling in my body is free from infections and viruses?

The operations of blood banks are also an issue to question for. It’s not a rare case that people are not getting blood in the emergency due to unavailability in blood banks. Some rare blood groups like AB-,B- or AB+ are always in shortage zones in the blood banks.

Satyapur blood index aims at minimizing all these health threats and the blood we will be having in our most critical moment will be from a known source. We request all the Satyapuris to voluntarily register in our blood index and we can be there in each other’s most needed moments.

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