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Connect the unconnected

Ek Kadam Safalta Ki Aur

Coronavirus Pandemic made all of us sit idle in our homes, keeping ourselves away from learning and opportunities. Humans have suffered pandemics in history many times, but lack of awareness and technical knowledge made the situation even worse for them in the past. To overcome the hurdles that can be caused by pandemics, the digitally creative idea of Satyapur Connect was born.

Satyapur Connect is an online platform for young energetic Satyapur Nivasis, which comes with the vision to unite everyone digitally and make progress in various fields. Satyapuris won’t have to visit door to door for internship opportunities, startup plans, or finding the perfect match anymore. You can conveniently unwrap these opportunities available in our communities from your mobile phone.

Satyapur Connect aims to take forward the young entrepreneurs to fulfill their dreams, as well as help them to follow their passion. It focuses on the development of an individual in their personal as well as financial life.

Satyapur Connect has additional benefits such as games, events, discount coupons, vouchers, B2B sections to identify the talents available inside our society and to bring the best out of them. This platform is open for all Satyapur Nivasis and they are welcome to unleash its premium exciting features.

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Visualize the communal success

Humari soch, humari pehchan

We believe in empowering a positive change within our Samaj by enabling skills and self-confidence among our own people. Satyapuris can lead inclusive, purposeful lives and create value for society through their work and contributions.

Being united makes us effective and increases our chances of emerging victorious in this struggle of life. We aim to attain higher communal financial prosperity and also to take care of society on our own. Satyapur Connect gives all its credence to ‘ Together we go, together we grow’.

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