Connect the unconnected

Ek kadam safalta ki aur

Coronavirus pandemic made all of us sit idle in our homes, keeping ourselves away from learning and grabbing opportunities. Humans have suffered pandemics in history many times, but lack of awareness and technical knowledge made the situation even worse for them in the past.

To overcome the hurdles that can be caused by pandemics, the digitally creative idea of Satyapur Connect was born. It is basically for the people of Satyapur created to unite Satyapuris.

Satyapur is not about only metal businesses anymore, the small businesses have widened up their field of work. Why go somewhere else when we Satyapuris are capable of doing everything?

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Satyapur Rishtey

Be found in the essence of love laughter, together forever

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Ek kaam, samaj ke naam

Stand with the vision

Be a part of the team and let the revolutionary idea of SatyapurConnect reach every youth.


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Blood Index

Register yourself in the blood catalog with your blood group and be a ray of hope in someone’s most critical moment.

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Educate the Youth

Businesses are welcome to create opportunities for the youth looking for experience and skill in a particular field. Register with us to unveil the right direction of our youth’s career.

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